Competing Coaches

Competing Coaches.


Final Reflection on 601

Well this course is definitely better than my previous masters projects for a number of reasons.

1. The food spread was awesome.

2. Did I mention the food? (Jokelang)

3. The course actually introduced me to a lot of technology I hadn’t actually had the time to really explore or I couldn’t originally see the educational benefits for. 

4. Netvibes- after losing Google reader (whoever made that decision should be publicly humiliated) I hadn’t really found an alternative. Netvibes quickly allowed me to allocate my favorite Blogs and update me when new content arrived. I am looking forward to adding bunny suicides and cyanide and happiness.

5. After the constant celebrity rubbish I hear about through Twitter (I don’t care that Kim Kardashian’s baby doesn’t like tomatoes) I was a little reluctant to sign up. However, there has been a lot educational benefit that I have already received and implemented into my lessons so far. The P.E. Geek offered some excellent apps such as Dart Fish and Jump which have enabled non participating students to still be apart of the lessons.

6. The podcast was actually really easy to do, and offered a great aid for revision or if you wanted to record at an actually event such as IASAS. 

7. Screen cast was one of the most interesting aspects of the course. It allows the students to set their own pace. I plan on setting some of the HS fitness suite lessons using this for when I am next away from school. 

Overall really enjoyed the course and looking forward to implementing many of the new technology changes into my teaching. 

Screen Cast

Quick two minute video showing how to edit mp3’s/ music online. Second attempt due to the slow nature of the commentary. Some volleyball going off in the background but hopefully I managed to cut out most of the background noise on the second time around. Love the tool and the way it is used as it allows people to peruse at their leisure when learning.

Thou shall share your PowerPoints!

So I guess sometimes people want to look at things in their own time and at their own pace. We have all been there when you are getting showed holiday photos. You want to peruse yet, you are getting shown every intricate detail of every photo. It ends up getting painful! Slides are similar, some people want to look them slowly and some quicker. Slideshare lets the person check your Powerpoint at their pace as well as offering a great tool to share information.



Photo via

Below is an example of one of the slides that has been shown. 

Follow ups since the presentation.

I have been sent some really interesting articles on music and memory.



Steve sent me this article on how music can improve memory. It shows how British Tapas Mukherjee recorded a song about blood concentrations regarding asthma patients. He recorded this after finding out how few doctors knew of the guidelines let alone the appropriate measures. Although Mukherjee’s methods are modern, his approach shares in a long tradition of oral storytelling—one that shaped itself over thousands of years to the particular proclivities of the human brain.

Karoli sent me a really interesting article which backed up much of the research out there. It looks at how varying study locations can improve content retention. 

The final piece of literature I received from the cohort was from Carmel. This article was actually about a film that showed the miraculous power of music to heal a damaged brain. Remembering music, listening to it or playing it, is entirely in the present, and, while it lasts, it can bridge even the abyss of extreme amnesia or dementia. According to the article “music can be more powerful than any drugs.”

Pecha Kucha Presentation. A reflection

As much as I liked doing the Pecha Kucha presentation there were times I did think it was a little too quick for me. Some sides I wanted to spend a tiny bit more time explaining and some I was done with quicker than the 20 seconds. A few people asked if they could have seen the rest of the video regarding the man in the retirement home at the end of the presentation. So here it is.